Craft Recycled products

House of plastic can

The school had to make crafts from waste material (plastic, polyethylene, that is, all that junk). I thought for a long time to do such a thing and saw a house from the plastic can and decided to make his own.

Tools and materials:
-plastic canister
-a plastic bottle of shampoo and conditioner on (I Lenora)
-podlozhka under laminate 0.5 cm
-kley time universal
-acrylic paints
-nozh office
-kley PVA

We draw on the canister door and windows, cut neatly office knife. Cut away the upper part of the canister (where the handle with a cover). Inside paste the floor and ceiling (I’m glued Melt).

Then make the roof of a cardboard box. draw out the canister, it turns out a rectangle with rounded corners, we add the edges of 5 cm, cut out and glued onto the can (unfortunately I have not photographed the entire process)


pasted part of the roof. I glued the whole roof Melt.

cardboard cut out two rectangles and paste the roof.

the remaining space to seal small triangles as in the diagram.

I slit has stuck scraps of wallpaper.

pasted tube, I turned out to be the appropriate boxes of candles for the machine (they 4pcs., 3 go up the stairs).

then begin to stick tiles. At first, I decided to do it from the remains of the ceiling tiles, but when it came to painting, I decided to paint the roof of the paint can and roof I have begun to flow, foam paint corroded. Then I took a substrate under a laminate 0.5 cm, it is soft from it convenient to cut and paint not swim. Even lighter falls on the roof.

Tiles I stuck at the moment because Melt it from melting.

Here’s a turned roof of the foam, and the top was originally from the substrate. After painting all had to tear off and the new glue. Here, I have pasted the steps and the door plastered with chopsticks (dissolved the old stand under the hot). Then painted white acrylic paint and paint on top of the balloon.

In this photo tiles made of a laminate substrate. After dyeing stand made of cardboard boxes (corrugated board), but a single layer it was not enough, and I pasted underneath the second (when the lift cabin, a single layer pad was sag).

Next, we do well. The cover of the air conditioner, “Lenore”. Of the bottle, itself cut blocks (stones).

Makes the top of the well. Since the beginning of the draw out a broad part of the cover,

then narrow.


Once again we encircle and outline the building blocks.

Paste well bricks. Glue rack, I made them out of the syringe from the drug.

Painted black. Pinwheel made of studs (we can take a paper clip). But the reel on which is wound a rope I twisted paper.

Then paint the bricks already gray. In the same manner glued pipe and the path to the house. I took a bucket from the measuring cup from the medication, pen – paper clip.

The idea with the building blocks I took here

The bars and combustion stack of firewood made from such tubes twisted from A4 paper, cut in half.

intake of thin cardboard, folded three times and glued PVA glue. Then latex paint.

Glued bars in Melt.

Now we make the bench. Take the upper part of the canister and cut bending knob.

Cut the bend in half.

Glue the frame to the bench.

On the frame is pasted stick from the stand under the hot (or a wooden cloth-mat for the rolls).

Glue the legs of paper tubes. And then paint.

Of paper, tubes do the woodpile. I long tubes office knife sliced, glued and painted.

Let us finish the interior of the house. The fireplace made out of a bottle of shampoo. Taken upper part and from the lower twisted pipe. Stool fence residue table: of syringes by drug worktop Рfrom the bottle.

Along the paths and grass around the perimeter of the house is made of the old thin plastic folder.

That’s out of this.