Craft Jewellery Making

Headband with flowers

1. Preparation for the hoop or old hoop (rim).



4.Kley pistol.

5. Composter figured “Flower”.

6.FOM (foamiran, plastic suede) 3 colors (№1, №4, №9).

With the help of punch, cut blanks for future buds. The amount depends on the shape of the punch, the thickness of the hoop, and your imagination. In our case, 17 buds of 3 layers of petals and leaves a layer (17 pieces color №1, 34 blank color number 4, 17-№9).

With iron give shape to our future buds. When heated, the FOM is twisted in the direction of heat. The degree of twist can be controlled heating time on the surface of the iron. Workpiece needs to be clamped to the iron in the middle, for a few seconds and release.

The resulting twisted …….. glue with glue gun finish in the middle: on №1 on the convex part apply a drop of glue and put into №4, now on a dual-layer bud and apply a drop of glue and put the next layer №4. Then on the convex part of the bud apply a drop of glue and pressed against the convex side of the blank sheets so that the leaves looked in the opposite direction. These are the buds should get.

Now decorate the hoop. You need to cut from a sheet of POF tape width of 4-5 mm. If the sheet is 50 cm, you need to cut 2 tapes and carefully glue them for tips.

Begin to wrap our hoop. The ends of the hoop better to make soft, so he did not press for the ears, so the tip of the tape adhesive to glue-gun pulls several layers (2-3).

And then the band embarks on a lap around the hoop. And secured, wound, again, several layers at the other end of the hoop, glue.

You can now proceed to the decor. Carefully using glue-gun host our buds on the hoop. Filaments of the adhesive can be removed using scissors.

The result obtained wear with pleasure!

We hope that you have not spent your time in vain and this information has been useful for you.