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Handbag with a single tablecloth

The new handbag to wear this season is here. And I must confess that I am madly in love with this idea! One of my total favorites of recent times and that I already enjoy for my outings. But that’s how nice it is … it’s so but so easy to do that it makes one like it more. You’re going to love this idea, I’m sure! And do you know what they need? An individual round tablecloth! Of those, we use in the kitchen but to make us one of the best accessories of the season. I tell you and I show you, as always, how easy it is to do it. And best of all: they can combine all the colors they like …


  • Round plastic single tablecloth
  • Hot glue gun
  • Strong clips of different sizes
  • Various decorative bands
  • Scissors
  • Magnetic clasp for handbags and purses

Colored ribbons and strips of pompoms are of choice as the color of the individual tablecloth with which they work. Combine the colors you like best and prepare as many handbags as you want

To start making this idea, prepare the hot glue gun and the two larger clips. I recommend looking for two pieces of EVA rubber to put it where the clips will go and make sure they do not damage the individual tablecloth.
We put the individual tablecloth on the work table and fold in, forming the sides of the new portfolio. We fasten with the clips to be able to apply the glue. You may notice that the clips have been centered on the new sides of the wallet. We put glue on the inside to the edge where the clip begins (as you can see in the photograph). Do not apply it higher so as not to reduce the interior space of the wallet when it is ready. Repeat on the other side and let the glue dry thoroughly.

We take the lower end up (as you can see the picture) and paste it to be fixed in place. I advise you to remove one clip at a time and hit it. In fact, they can remove the first clip, apply glue and put back the clip in place until the glue dries well. Meanwhile, they are working on the other side. When it has dried well, we remove the clips. Our wallet has already taken its shape! And place the magnetic seal according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Now play the fun part decorate! This is where you should use your imagination and your preferences for colors and materials. Use all kinds of ribbons and strips in colors that match the wallet. You should consider placing as many tapes or decorative appliques as necessary until you cover the magnetized closure that you see on the front cover of the handbag.

Ready to use and enjoy! What do you think? Practical, functional and cute