Craft Weaving

Hair Clip wicker “Chinese dagger”

I enjoyed it so much weave “Chinese cross”

I decided to weave a hairclip

1.Polotno “Chinese cross”
(tube Exposé, PVA glue)
2.Morilka (dark colors)
3.Lak for baths and saunas
4. The hair clip (fixing member hairpins)
5. adhesive material (moment “Crystal”, hot glue)

Canvas “Chinese cross” paint stain 2-3 times if necessary, and hang to dry.

After the surface of the web ceases dirty fingers, finally dried the web under the yoke until dry.
Divide into 3 canvases. Everyone should have a size completely covers the hairpin, then on fantasy.

From paintings to cut the desired pattern size clips.

The following fragment cut a little less than foreseeing. Last cut slightly smaller than the second.

Each fragment is covered by two layers of lacquer on both sides.

When coating a varnish pattern holes are filled with varnish. It is necessary to take the skewer, knitting or loose tube and clean the hole pattern.
Until completely dry.

The resulting fragments were collected by means of adhesive ( “Moment crystal” or hot glue)

This hairpin has a cavity and is necessary before pasting pattern (decoration) to fill the cavity with glue and allow to dry.
If this is not done, then the bonding surfaces will be smaller and will mount weak.

Now barrette will fully adhere to the surface of the weave and stick together tightly.

The preform is pasted on a hairpin with glue ( “Moment crystal” or hot glue)
Writing a dry well.

Optionally, you can decorate more than anything. (Crystals or patina)

My hairpin is designed for an elderly person, I think will be left as is.