Craft Decoration

“The first Spring Butterflies”

Recently walked with the child in the street and saw a butterfly. It is so we liked that we decided to “settle” a couple at home.

For making on need: construction paper or thin cardboard (can be colored), glue (we had a PVA and a glue gun), cardboard bottoms (I took corrugated), a ruler, a compass (or something to draw a circle), a film piece (I took a plastic bottle), paper (colored or corrugated) or lace (belt) for decor, butterfly (birds, flowers, hearts – can be drawn), double-sided tape. It may not be necessary: thread, needles, buttons.

The four strips of heavy paper: 28H1 see, mark the center.
The strip 29,5H2 cm every 3.5 cm ┬áset (only 7 tags – + supply 8 sectors to glue).
Strip 7H1,5 see.
Circle – 9 cm in diameter (which I plastered with colored paper).
Of Films – 14H1 cm strip (including hem on each side of 1.5 cm – 11 cm total length)

Butterflies from my thick film were in the form of magnets.

Magnets removed, pasted on the double-sided tape.

We take our four bars and are fastened together in the middle. Above “loop” -. 7 cm strip I’ve got a button so that the paper is not torn because I sewed it all (you can glue)

Further, the glue strip to the bottom (which is 29.5 cm). I glued with hot glue.

We connect the top and bottom. To make it more convenient – we used clothespins.┬áplace on top of labels.

Because of Paper thick, it was easier just to glue onto the hot glue. But we have done with the child, so the use of PVA and a structure for fixing)

Strips sticking not all – leaving 2-3 free to stick striped butterflies.

They can be stuck on “Moment”, double-sided tape, hot glue.
I stick to the hot glue first the upper part then – lower.
Further, the remaining glue stripes.

The bottom I plastered with lace (used all the same hot glue).

These are the butterflies now live at home