Craft Decoration


These simple “creation” look quite gracefully. Feathers can be decorated with a lot – it is your imagination …

we need to manufacture: thread, wire, glue but instead rolls it is possible to take any basis for winding. Then it will be wider, the feathers will be more.

Any thread, but it’s better to thin. By the way, the thread can be wound on the line – not necessarily a round base – the main thing that the center “of the barrel – a feather,” we had in the middle of the base. The wire is wound or cloth, lubricate the glue, and then again, after a few turns, grease glue (but only the place where we have a wire). At the end of the grease again. Drum along with the base of many threads, to leave no gaps.
Very important: before cutting to properly dry the glue. You can even dry on the battery – enough for half an hour.

Cut (it is better to use, – a pair of scissors is not very convenient) to the back of the “trunk”, clearly in front of the wire.
Individual brushes top (on the reverse side of a feather). It will be easier to bend the wire in a loop to insert a bundle of threads and screw tip. We get a fan of threads. And in the end cut off all scissors – so we create a form of the pen – the choice is yours.

Comb, watercolor paint, again combs the fine comb and feathers hairspray – for strength …