Craft Decoration Flower making

Dahlia flowers with his own hands.The painting mural “Colors of Autumn”

Interior decoration, production of gifts.

colored office paper, gouache, scissors, glue PVA, quilling tool, hot glue.

The process performance:
1. office paper sheet folded in half and draw circles of different diameters 2.

2. Each circle cut and folded three times.

3. Using a pencil to outline the petals and cut along the contour.

4. In the center make an incision. Open blank and perform the same along the fold lines in places where there is no cut.

5. The ends of the petals gouache paint.

6. All petals fold in half.

7. Collect flower with glue. First glue the large circles, then medium and small. It is important that between the lobes were not gaps.