Craft Flower making


A decided to make a favorite gift. So now you can enjoy them.

That is why in my compositions bell symbol. the school I had folded strips of 16 “pile” twisted and squeezed gently, from the inside coated with adhesive. “Tongue” of Bell -2 strips. Bant- upper portions of strips 12 and the bottom 6.

Chrysanthemums for his compositions, I also chose not.Po Chinese Feng Shui chrysanthemum brought into the house health and longevity. It is not without scientific basis – even a bouquet of chrysanthemums beneficial effects on indoor air quality. Bouquet of Chrysanthemums has a symbolic meaning and expresses the wishes of fidelity, optimism, joy and long life. (Information from the Internet). I’m true to her beloved profession and school, a day did not change them, but also full of optimism and joy, that give me my favorite students.

The right flank of the composition.


On yellow substrate.

On the green triangles were cut after an oval of green velvet paper (cutting in the case, did not disappear as good

In the rays of the sun!

I took to make one : green and yellow stripes of 1 cm wide, 30 cm long,  fringe and two strips of white 2 cm wide and 30 cm long,