Craft Decoration Flower making

Zinnia flowers made with plastic cans

This is a very easy craft, we can make these flowers easily

Things needed:

  • Empty cans
  • Scissors, Acrylic paints
  • Glue gun/Instant glue
  • Mustard seeds/Large-sized tea powder

Cut the milk can in three different round shapes. The Diameters of these rounds are mentioned in the picture below.

Draw flower petals on the rounds cut pieces.

Cut through the petals and take out the extras.

For each flower, we need three layers with larger to smaller petals. Fix the petals one over another.

For the center florets, apply glue like a small coin, and sprinkle mustard seeds or tea extract on it densely.

For the stem, cut the newspaper into a rough square, roll it from one side towards its opposite side, and glue the end.

Cut both ends, now we get a stiff paper stick.

Apply glue, and fix the stick with the lower center of the flower. Cut leaves and fix with the stem.

Paint the flower with suitable color.

For stamen give a little yellow color on over the seeds.

Make 5-8 flowers and insert them into a glass jar painted, and decorated with stones.

Now we can get a beautiful zinnia flowers with different colors.