Craft Weaving

weaving panels in macrame technique

The second part of the master class on weaving panels “red currant” in macrame technique. Here it is shown how to weave the leaves.

I continue to workshop, the Scourge currant leaf. In advance, I say that all the MK is very large.

In work using all of the same filament “ROSE”, thin thread 50 g (150 meters).

On the two strands of the thread, I fix 1 m 50 cm (mid-leaf).

Scourge horizontal rep nodes, h on both sides.

Double flat knot.

Again horizontal rep nodes.

Double flat knot.

I continue … I repeat …

Additional threads (90) cm from both sides, it is in leaf cloves.

Rep nodes in an extra thread (lower thread main).

Breeden to keep the warp thread horizontal rep nodes.

Repeat on the other side (from the middle of the leaf), and again double flat knot.

The upper thread is left free and the Scourge Breeden to the middle.

Same with the other side … and a double flat knot.

Further, let Breeden on the top horizontal strand rep nodes.

On both sides + double flat knot.

continue two more additional threads and “procedure” is repeated …

I continue …


No sense to be repeated … but here I am left free two upper threads, everything else unchanged.

Scourge Brida, using the upper threads.

Double flat knot.

More additional threads …

Such or about such elements for leaf current should be 3 things.

But then I started to complicate things … what is called “bad head resting hands does not give.” Separately wove additional element all on the same technology and weave it in the base sheet. Details will not dwell on this point …. too long and confusing (it is possible to exclude, will not be worse from it).

Just to show the process in several photographs.

At this stage, there are strands to be excluded from the weaving, so as not to interfere.

Additional thread.

Scourge Brides …

Rule of weaving yarns …

Something like that.

Weave one more leaf element.

It is also very time-consuming procedure, show only the main points.

At this stage, there are threads that should be excluded from weaving. But it’s too tricky … more I show the process new element easier.

Eliminates unnecessary thread … that’s what happened.

This is my complication again. You can not pay attention to them. I weave one more little item …

In this process, I do not dwell.

Something like that…

I remove the extra thread and get …

But this time another element I will discuss more …

Anchoring it was convenient to weave. In filaments of the central horizontal element plate Breeden rep nodes filaments third element.

Like this.

On the right side weave the additional threads (cloves from leaf) as described previously and restrained on a center line of the double flat element node.

I continue to weave Breeden. Here, from the weaving derive extra thread.

I get …

I continue to weave, to connect the central line of the three basic elements of a leaf.

I get …

Scourge looped nodes “tails” of the four threads and eliminates the unnecessary.

I showed a version of the netting (in my leaves are different, did it intend). You can stick to just the highlights (excluding small cell), so it will be much easier.