Craft Recycled products


Heavy, like porcelain, beautiful like porcelain, but … made of cardboard tubes, sheets, magazine and beans

We need a pipe made of cardboard, a lot of magazines, PVA glue, paint, and varnish.

We cut the pipe length and the desired glue bottom cut from cardboard.

And we begin to turn from a magazine many, many tubes.

And only one will turn the “snail” about the same size.

Then they begin to stick to the base-tube.

Smaller snails decorate the top of the vase.

In the intervals between snails glue beans.

We take the right color of paint and begin to paint a vase.

These are the reds, they have turned out.

Begin to paint over the black paint and immediately, before it has dried, remove the excess with a cloth.

This is how the garbage is transformed into pure art …