Craft Decoration Flower making


In order to create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort in your home does not necessarily employ professional designers, all you can do with your hands. Suffice it to complement the decor of the room by some elements that you will be able to create out of the materials at hand.

how from conventional paper twine and roasted coffee beans can be made fridge magnets in the form of a sunflower.

Articles made of coffee beans is very stylish and interesting look in any room and it’s great to decorate your apartment.

To work you will need:

– cardboard,

– paper twine,

– jute twine,

– coffee beans,

– magnet,

– scissors,

– acrylic paint brown

– Brush,

– Melt adhesive.

Cut a circle of cardboard, you can use a glass.

The back side closes Jute twine …

Since the outer circle, glue string on hot glue, PVA glue can be used, as anyone convenient. Glue turn after turn, up to the midway. Once wrapped the opposite direction, you can just stick to hot glue a magnet.

From the paper, twine is cut off a small piece and straighten, get a broad paper strip with a width of about 9 cm.

Paper strip cut into rectangles – 4.5 / 5 cm.

And proceed to the creation of sunflower petals. On one edge of the rectangle, we put a little glue and twist, as in the photo.

Each petal is pasted on the hot glue to our piece.

The second layer, staggered …

That’s going to succeed …

The stem can be an as simple twist of twine or wire using: winding twine unfolded width of 1 cm wire periodically glue in the middle, and continue to impart leaf through.

Stem glue between the petals to our base.

Advised to paint in the middle of a brown acrylic paint (you can use and gouache), so the gaps between will not be viewed.

When the paint is completely dry, using a hot glue in the middle of flower coffee beans. We try to choose grains of the same size.

Thus, row by row …

The last 2-3 rows a little “disclose” every grain.

Our coffee magnet sunflower ready!