Craft Recycled products Weaving


My tubes handle stranded, beauty can not be!

Basics first foothold weaved a few rows, and took on – in the free swimming!

Clothespin clamped on the template, the Scourge from one side or the other.

For rounding do v – plet is not a complete series (thin tube is inserted into the ends of the netting to the bar). Sometimes plet and turn in the opposite direction, sometimes I leave “tails.”

I finished, sprinkled from the sprinkler, put under the press. Then I primed, cut off the “tails”.

It laid the foundations for steno check.

I will weave a double wall – and the top and bottom, to close as the edge of the bias binding by sewing.

Both racks can then weave together and make any Bending.

The bottom edge is processed.

Inside view

I did so – outer stenochected up to 4 cm inner wall wrapped as a collared sweater and covered little stenochku..

Edge covered in a simple manner.

The tray is ready and the tube went to work!