Craft Weaving

How to make yarn bag – Step by step

Yeah, everything is harmoniously wanted tapestry bag, but do not know how to do it? Ask me!

Although I do not know … But I have a picture that might help. Though even with pictures more questions than answers, but that until you start doing something with his hands, and the answers appear.

The main thing I know for sure – can not do without the cardboard box! Let’s start with perhaps the greatest, and then gradually move on to the small forms, okay? Well, that’s good

Like I said, just need thread and a cardboard box

First, we mark up and stretch the incision base. Next, thread a needle and uh begin to weave? Or weave? In general, the stretching thread between the base, here.

There weave pattern. Although this step is optional, and you can try without it. Especially if our yarn interesting color combinations, you should have very bad

First design, then the calculation and selection of colors, with this and all the work begins

Then we are looking for cardboard, markup and stretch the foundation

Knobs to the bag. One of the options

And it results

Ruth, incidentally, lots of work in this technique