Craft Weaving

How to make a cover mobile phone cover using crochet technique

For weaving macramé with their hands, you can use a large amount of material. The most common materials for weaving macramé are strips of leather, cords of different fabrics, vegetable fibers, sisal, fishing line, linen thread, jute twine, thin wire, cotton thread, silk, woolen thread. Macrame in most cases weaves in bright colors. Before you choose a color for weaving and material necessary to determine the topic. To the material during weaving, it must not warp and wash boil for 10-15 minutes. In such a case the product will have your original shape and appearance.

Making the foundation from which we weave, cut one strand of yarn length of 36 “, it will be tied all the cords. Cut 28 strands of yarn 60 ‘in length and one additional strand in the future. Wrap IPod thread and tie a knot. Make sure that the cord ends are equal in length, they will be used later to form the strap.
Remove the loop from the IPod and instead use the cardboard. Cardboard will be used as a mold.