Craft Weaving


Offer associate’s such a horse-magnet operation takes very little time.

CP – air loop
st.b / n – column without sc
K. – ubavka- 2 loops with
approx. – gain – two loops from one

to work, we need yarn ROSA (100% cotton 50 g / 150 m), iris sewing patches beads 4, 2 eyes magnet.

Now overturn future horse head down fasten the thread as indicated in the picture.

Assign another same item (possibly tie a toy, in this case, you can tie back in a different color)

Sew the two pieces together (I used the tapestry needle, so it is possible to use a hook to tie the two pieces using. crosslinking time is not tight stuffing filler.

Feet (2 pieces)

First knit squares (one thread), then binds around, without breaking the thread. Thread fix, crop.

Sew on patches to the body.

Fasten the mane and tail, eyes and glue a magnet on the backhand installation I buy regular school magnets (pick out them), just the finished product pasting super-gel (glues “tightly”). Why not invest – because magnets come across weak (sometimes pasting two top and bottom) HORSE – MAGNET READY !!!!