Craft Embroidery

Embroidery of satin ribbons. Panel “Spring Flowers”.

I wanted to do something with their hands, at the heart of what would lay the image of spring flowers, just wanted to decorate a room in pastel colors. Combining these two ideas together, I created embroidery “Spring Flowers”. This work can decorate the interior, give it to your loved ones, relatives or friends in the international holidays or birthdays. In turn, I adorn her interior in my room to this panel of satin ribbons remind me of spring all year round


  • canvas,
  • Satin tape pastel (pink, orange, blue, width 5 mm, width of 8 mm green)
  • twine dark.
  • Equipment:
  • needle embroidery,
  • hoop,
  • scissors.

We translate image color on the canvas, in order to make it convenient to embroider.

Embroider the basket handle in the technique of “reverse stitch.”

Embroider flowers and leaves in the background technique of “normal straight stitch.”

Embroider “basket” of twine in the technique of “Satin weave.”

Embroider three-dimensional flowers in the technique of “hinges

The iron product from the inner side to an average temperature.

Nice make out the finished panel in the frame