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Egg carton wind chime

Materials required –

Egg carton (12 cups), glue, newspaper, tissue paper, color, and brush, thread


Take out the cups from the egg carton. My wind chime has 10 bells (10 cups).

Carve some diamonds or any other shape you like.

Color the cups and let them dry.

With the remaining pieces of the egg carton, cut off some leaf shapes and color them too.

You can either create a newspaper bowl or use any disposable bowl available with you. As the egg cartons are created with recycled paper, there will not be any problem of the weight of 10 or 12 paper bells. I created a newspaper bowl. Here is the procedure to create a newspaper Bowl.

Carve similar shapes in the big bowl and color it.

Make newspaper beads and color them too. Else any other beads of your choice can be used. Here is the procedure to create

Once all the elements are created, colored and dried, you tie up all of them to make your wind chime.