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Easy Crepe Paper Flowers craft

Easy Crepe Paper Flowers craft is one such craft idea that is tried on by all searching for the craft for beginners ideas and if you wonder how to make easy DIY crepe paper flowers in few minutes, then you have reached just the right place.

Making crepe paper flowers at home is something that excites the crafter in all of us. Making a hit concept for all of your Best Home Projects, if you learn how to make easy crepe paper flowers at home then there are a plethora of options where in this easy paper craft can prove to be a handy trick for you.

Simple and pretty, crepe papers flowers are an awesome Do It Yourself at home craft. Paper flower making tutorials make it all the more simple and fun!

Material Required to Make Crepe Paper Flowers

  • Adhesive
  • Scale
  • Craft wire
  • Pencil
  • Crepe paper sheets
  • Scissors
  • Green tape
  • Thread

Step 1: Take a pink color Crepe paper sheet and cut out a strip measuring 12 cm wide.

Step 2: Fold it in half, first lengthwise and then breadthwise.

Step 3: Trim the opening edge of the crepe paper to give you a u-shaped wavy pattern.

Step 4: Take some thread in a needle and start to sew from one end of the folded edge of the sheet.

Step 5: Continue sewing until the other end and join both the ends, with the thread, forming a crimped rounded flower.

Step 6: Now take a craft wire and place it in the center to wrap the entire sheet around it tightly forming a crepe paper flower.

Step 7: Fasten the end of the flower by tying a thread in the base.

Step 8: Wrap the green tape starting from the flower’s base to the end of the wire.

Step 9: Now draw the shape of a leaf and cut out multiple such leaves.

Step 10: Now take a thin green crepe paper strip and cover the craft wire with it using adhesive.

Step 11: Paste and attach the leaves to the green paper covered craft wire with adhesive.

Step 12: Now wrap and wing the green leaves attached craft wires around the main stem of the flower.