Craft Decoration

Decorative bottle “Peacock” assemblage twine and filigree.

All lovers of manual creativity magic good time of day! Today I’ll tell you about my new work, made using different techniques. I was always a pleasure to create something – something new, combining interesting techniques. In the decoration of the bottle , we will use jute filigree and assemblage connection of bulk parts in the overall composition, on – to another it can still be called modeling.

To perform the work takes patience, diligence and accuracy, but believe me, it’s worth it! Decorated bottle will be the perfect complement to the interior, or become an original gift to friends or relatives.

To create work, we need the following materials:

  • High-bottle;
  • any liquid for degreasing;
  • coarse-textured gray canvas, burlap can be used;
  • twine two different colors;
  • yellow and blue thread with lurex;
  • glue “Titan” and a small soft tube with a narrow neck;
  • metal spokes;
  • Transparent file;
  • pen and paper;
  • scissors;
  • thermo-pistolekt;
  • thin cardboard;
  • a little black and white colors for glazik and beak;
  • thin brush;
  • for removing glue plonochek small scissors or a device for burning wood (optional).

Step 1: Glue base fabric:
You must clean the bottle on the label, be sure to wash and degrease that have fabric glued well and in use keep pace with the basics. I wiped the surface of the bottle of ammonia.
Then, from the large-textured gray canvas or burlap cut a rectangle the size equal to the circumference of the bottle, plus about a centimeter for the allowance at the junction, the width (height) is slightly more than half of the bottle.

Since we do not have a bottle of flat and tapers towards the neck, then on top of the tissue is necessary to make cuts of 2-3 cm in length, as shown in the photo:

Next to the bottle uniformly thin layer of glue is applied to “Titan” and eventually glue the fabric to the base. Do not apply directly to the entire surface, but only a part, as the glue dries very quickly, and if it is applied directly to the entire surface, the tissue can partially stick, and to remedy this would be very difficult. So it is not necessary to apply the adhesive too thick, because if he had impregnated fabric through, on the surface of the tread unsightly stains. But such a defect can try to remove, waiting drying glue, fingernail scratch the surface stain or stick on top of a decorative element is already in the process of bonding composition. Butt sticking and cuts overlap, we try to do it carefully, that would not rastrepyvalas fabric. Here the most important thing is to stick kan smoothly, without waves and folds.

Step 2: papered bottle twine:
For pasting the basics of using the dark twine thickness, paving the ranks close to each other. Glue can be as a thermo-gun and glue “Titan”. Starting with the neck of the narrow part of the broad, spade to the fabric and a half centimeter, so that when gluing the windings of twine will not fly.

Next, glue the twine around two centimeters on the bottom of the bottle:

The bottom of the bottle to paste will not, because it has a strong groove, if bottom of a flat, it is also possible to paste over the string, starting from the middle.
Step 3: Create and stick trunk Peacock:
First, you must select the position of the body, for it is possible to draw different designs:

The selected image is transferred to thin thick cardboard and cut out. It is important to correctly determine the size of the body that would harmoniously bird looked at the bottle, the body should not be too large, you can make a bird smaller than in my work, but then pen size should be reduced accordingly.

Now the body of the peacock must be tightly wrap the twine lighter color, fixing the thermo-pistol, you can also use double sided tape.

Glue thermo-gun peacock body on the bottle, leaving not only stuck the bird’s head:

Step 4: Make the feathers, wings and crest:

Using a ruler determine the size of the future wing and move it onto the paper, wherein the approximate draw a sketch, it is possible to imagine and immediately spread Twine pattern without drawing

Glue “Titan” is poured into a small soft tube with a narrow neck, from which it will be very convenient to extrude the thin strip of adhesive for bonding the filaments by the drawing. Immediately advise scrape hands of adhesive filaments thus will not stick to the hands and working becomes easy, pattern corrects a metal needle or a wooden skewer.
Patterned sheet inserted into the image and gradually spread multicolored pattern. Wing begin to spread to the outer rim of:

Top on the edge of paving a number of brilliant blue strands:

Pen also makes the picture that is inserted into the “Titan” file and squeezing out a thin strip of adhesive spread pattern of filaments, but here are beginning to work with the central part. Such feathers is necessary to make 8 pieces.

Just do three small a feather:

Just make three for a feather crest:

After drying the adhesive to remove all items and file plyonochku remove remaining from the glue. In this paper plyonochku can simply cut small scissors, but you can oplavit them with vyzhigatelnogo instrument wood.

Step 5: Glue filigree parts to work:
Glue the wing

Thermo-draw gun jeep with risnichkami, then glue the crest and the entire head to the base:

Then gradually tail feathers sticking, first they can pin needles to the base, and then to stick to a permanent place:

Complement the work of circles of blue shiny thread, you can add a yellow circle, here you need to follow that would look harmonious whole composition, not too much glue the elements.

Step 6: Decorate plug:
Twine paste over the cork, which will be visible, you can add a few pats of blue thread and paste over them with string, as in the photo:

Step 7: Coloring beak and eyes:
Black acrylic paint to paint the glazik peacock, after drying, put two white glare. Just tinted black and white colors of the beak.

Instead of the adhesive eyes you can just stick a black bead.

Decorated bottle is ready, you can admire the result of hard work

Get inspired, create, dream, wish you success!