Craft Decoration Flower making


We need: cotton pads, scissors, PVA glue, colored cardboard, cotton swabs, paint gouache on green paper, cloth, brush, adhesive tape, frame.

1. First manufacture of cotton pad cotton sticks and duct tape flowers themselves.

2. Prepare midway, which cut the cotton swab in half, dip into the yellow paint and dry. After drying, put our stamens in the middle of a cotton disc and turn off its envelope. This work can be done and the child.

3. The lower part of the fastening tape flower.

Ready flower.

4. We produce flowers in the required amount.

5. Prepare background. Take the red cardboard and cut out of green paper leaves (can use a stencil, or you can cut the leaves of various shapes).

6. Cut pot and glue it to the bottom of the composition.

7. Glue the leaves.

8. Form a bouquet, sticking flowers.

We continue to stick flowers.

10. Decorate a bouquet of flowers ready fabric or other decorative elements.

Gradually, the composition is changing.

We cover the entire fabric flowers vase.

The composition is ready!