Craft Flower making

Cloves of nylon thread. with step by step photos

I offer you flowers from nylon thread – cloves.

Materials and equipment for the production of carnations:

  • nylon thread red
  • yarn ball of green,
  • pattern winding (6-7 cm)
  • wooden skewers,
  • square green (10H3sm) for the leaves (you can use crepe paper or a thick cloth)
  • glue gun,
  • scissors.

Is wound on the template nylon thread, making 110 turns. The top of the template strand to associate the bundle, and the lower part cut.

The resulting preform inserted skewer (stem) and secured by a glue gun. The lower half of the thread rises, forming the basis of cloves.

Starting the winding stem green thread, not forgetting to put a drop of glue at the base of the flower and stem end.

10-12 cut into strands for manufacturing sepals (10 cm). In the center of each case bundle and fold in half. The resulting “tick” is glued to the base of the flower, sepals form.

For leaves cloves of rectangle cut into narrow strips, tapering ends. Combine with the stem through the filament and adhesive.

And the final touch, align petals, cutting irregularities. Our stud is ready.

Here are a bunch of carnations from a nylon thread I turned out!