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How to close the loop needle gum

For knitted cuffs, collars it is very important that the edge of the knitted fabric was resilient. It is useful to be able to close the loop needle gum, while the canvas is good stretches and holds at this form. I want to share ways of closing the loops gum 1×1 and 2×2 with a needle. Methods of these invented long ago and I comprehended them on knitting courses. And here is just to remind everyone, how to do it. Close the loop should not be tight, sipping occasionally knitted fabric to control the tension.

Part 1: Elastic 1×1.

For convenience, we agree that the loop 1,3,5,7 – it Wrong side of knitting, and – 2,4,6,8 – face.

So, if necessary, fasten thread at the edge.

Step 1: The needle enters the loop 1 and out of the second loop.

In the diagram:

Step 2 and 3.

The needle is returned to the 1st loop (provided on the reverse side) and further stretching the thread in the third loop (from the inside out)

In the diagram:

Step 4 and 5.

The needle enters the 2nd loop (front side) and then enters into the 4th loop (on the reverse face).

In the diagram:

Step 6 and 7.

Next, the needle seems to revert back a little and again enters the wrong side in the third loop.

And stretching the thread in the 5th loop.

In the diagram:

Step 8 and 9.

The needle again goes back and enters the front side in the 4th loop.

And then comes the 6th loop from the inside face.

In the diagram:

Then operation principle is the same – the needle returns to the previous loop at the bottom side (i.e., the 5th loop) and through it drags on the next thread loop underside (7-th loop).

Thus we connect alternately loops that face the inside out, retreating to the previous loop.

As it turns elastic edge.

In the next section to show a method of closing gum 2×2.