Craft Flower making


We will need napkins (red, white and green), skewers, scissors, stationery glue.

1. The first step will make the petals. Cut the tissue into 4 parts.

2. Fold the resulting box in accordance with a photograph.

3. Form a petal of folded napkins manner. First, curl one corner cloth, then – else. Do not screw too tight corners.

4. The petals are ready. For the manufacture of a single rose will need 6-7 such petals.

5. Begin to make the stalk. For this to skewer glue ball rolled out of a small piece of cloth.

6. paste the ball square piece of cloth, forming a chrysalis. In the future, this doll will be wrapped up in a petal.

7. Gently lubricates each petal adhesive. Glue the petals to the stem.

8. To manufacture the green sepal cut from napkins rectangles with sides of 3-6 cm and rolls them into tight flagella

9. From the rectangles of the same size produce leaves, rolling up them as well as the pitch.

10. Glue rolled flagella to bud, we fix them sticking green strip width of about 1 cm.

11. Ready to glue the leaves stalk.

Rose ready.