Craft Flower making


Today we will make a crocus from foamirana, and tell them how to do Gulnara Aybedullina.

For the manufacture of crocuses’ll need:

  • White foamiran.
  • Green foamiran.
  • Toothpick.
  • Scissors.
  • Cardboard.
  • Stamens.
  • Floral wire.
    A method of manufacturing crocus:
    First, on a cardboard or paper need to draw a pattern, crocus petal, the petal height at 4 cm.
    Take the white vom with a toothpick and put on it lobe contours.

For the manufacture of a crocus, we will need 6 petals. From Thomas cut green leaves. Everything you need is ready for the production of saffron.

Now each petal is putting to the iron.

And before it gets cold, fingers attach to form.

Take stamens nine pieces and attach them to the wire.

Now with the help of Thermo, in turn, begin to stick our petals. First one.

Then the second flap glue.

Next, a third lobe.

And so all six petals in order.

Then glue the leaves.

With decorative Punch do sepal and glue it below the flower base. Crocus of foamirana ready.

You can make a whole bunch, beautiful, colorful crocuses from foamirana.