Craft Decoration Weaving


It turns out that of the conventional napkins can make such a beauty!

Necessary materials:

  • newspaper;
  • spoke very thin, that is, you, №1 or №2;
  • glue PVA;
  • Moment glue, hot-melt gun, any other;
  • acrylic paint or stain, dyes for color tubes;
  • acrylic lacquer;
  • napkins or toilet paper for pasting framework;
  • napkins of different colors.
    For woven pot using newspaper tube. If you want to weave pot more natural effect, for example, simulation of vines, then fit the tube, twisted out of office papers/drafts. They are harder and less obedient, do not wrinkle and shrivel. For this bouquet, they have been used as stanchions for relief.

Cut paper into strips 4,5-5sm, long strip of the newspaper

If only twist the top and bottom of the newspaper, the tubes are white, they are easy to paint over the stain and color scheme. But as acrylic paint is used here, we can take tubes with letters. We are putting a needle so that the angle between it and the newspaper was minimal.

Twisting her fingers, to curl up into a tube. As if a strand of thread. At the tip of the corner drip glue PVA.

Screw the tubes with a reserve (a couple of newspapers) and set to weaving. Bottom of the pot starts with eight tubes, stacked crosswise. We connect the two tubes and bend in half. We go around the two tubes, stanchions.

We begin to weave a rope. Front operation pipe plant in two, rear tube before. 3 rows entwine two stanchions with 4 rows entwine one. Weave until such time as the bottom, not on the size of shape. There has been used a jar from under the calf.

Then work the tube is loaded into the already woven bottom, cut the tails. We turn to the walls of the pot. To do this one bends stoyachok for the next, picking it up.

Last stoyachok bends first. Crooked, spiral wrapped stanchions .

Align them immediately fail. They need to align in the process of weaving. Immediately they need to change to tubes spun from office paper. Putting two newspaper tubes, the envelope stoyachok and begin to weave the same rope. Front tube plant in stoyachok , back – before. Weave closely with the form.

hen you can remove the shape and spin further. The shape of the pot will change, will grow to the top. When woven desired height, the working tube is loaded into the netting.

Stanchions can also hide in the netting, but this was done Bending to form well-established in the pot. Bending the most elementary. One stoyachok refueled for the next, bending to the inside of the pot.

Last stoyachok dressed with the first. Joints coat with a good glue PVA and dries you can cut them off. And you can not cut, because the inner side is not visible.

Now you need to paint the product. Because in selected colors for the product is not white, it was decided in a white acrylic paint to add a modicum of artistic yellow acrylic paint.

Pot will paint only from the outside, since the inside will not be visible. Paint need 2-3 times to paint over all the newspaper gaps.

Leave to dry for several hours. Meanwhile, make the basis for the flowers. Just crumple office drafts, paper or any other paper in the correct size ball. It is important to know that the ball should be slightly larger than the pot. Wrap the thread and align it well. Now this ball need pokleit napkins like papier-mache. It is better to fit the green napkins. Even if gaps remain between the flowers, the green “lawn” will be visible.

The water add some glue PVA , put the napkin on the ball and blotted brush. Leave to dry for several hours.

Getting the production of flowers. We turn off the napkin in half 2 times and we fix a stapler in the middle. Cut out a round shape out of cardboard. On it cut the circle. Take the first topsheet napkins and crushes the base. Then the following layers napkins. For speed can crease on two layers. In order to cover the entire flower ball, with a diameter of 20 cm, it took 48 pieces.

When the pot and the base dry, glue in the foundation “of the moment”, glue gun or other adhesive. Let’s wait for the glue dries and proceed to gluing salfetnyh flowers.

We start from the bottom to stick flowers, alternating colors. Glue on top of the flowers dense.

Pot decorate bow. To this end we take: Satin tape width 2.5 cm, length 14 cm and 1 cm, 12 cm long, 1 cm wide tape and a length sufficient to encircle the pot, the tape length of 3 cm, a needle and thread. All the ends of singeing, the tape is not dissolved. Sew bow: the belt ends add up the middle, sewn first one and the second immediately. We stretch the thread so that the curled ribbon in the middle. Wrapped with the same thread. That is squeezed wound.

Glue “belt”, it collected a bow. Amazing bunch ready. These flowers stand for a very long time and will always give a good mood.