Craft Recycled products


In place of the many plastic bags, which are used to go shopping, many women come special canvas bags, big of paper and cellulose. Its share of popularity and managed to win the bag, basket, like a tribute and homage sunk into oblivion string bag. Despite the low cost of such an accessory, you can get it for free. For example, to make the paper, but it is strong enough bag-shopping basket, you will need materials that many are simply thrown in the trash.

Before you make a shopping bag with their hands, cook cardboard sleeve of toilet paper; line; pencil; scissors; needle and strong thread. Step

1. Using a ruler and pencil harvested sleeve into rings with a rim width of 1.5 cm.

Step 2. Use of sharp scissors, cut sleeve into rings along the planned lines.

Step 3. Take the four rings, and connect them together as shown in the photo. If you did everything correctly, the ring forms a dense block.

Step 4. At the ends of the resulting block, add another couple on the same ring. You must once again turn the blocks as in the photo.

Step 5. Repeat step four, line up a number of such blocks. Its length should correspond to the desired width of the bag.

Step 6. The top and bottom of the resulting series weave one more

Step 7. At the ends of rows of the side, blocks bend at an angle so that they form a pyramid.

Step 8: Continue to weave in the same technique, but now ranks as the lead in a circle in the hosiery knitting. Braid bag-basket to the desired height of the accessory.

Step 9. Using a large needle and thread, sew the piping bags to weave not disintegrated.

Step 10. Attach the strap to the bag fabric. It may be the old handle of your bag or thick fabric tape with a treated edge. Attach them better with rivets. shopping bags ready!