Craft Weaving


Weaving yarn. baskets

Painting – Acrylic. Metallic (not a very good option, but there is brown.) And plain white. I mix it with a bit of metallic to give a beige color.
This yarn for stiffness. To keep in shape and thread not run on one another.
Perhaps with the experience and do not need to paint 🙂
I paint to weave, cut thread pieces per meter approximately.

The yarn c / b, the diameter approximately as iris.
But iris interesting twisted. How to give colored iris rigidity – not yet invented.
Tried PVA and furniture varnish – not satisfied.
And waxes; but I wax – skin on cheese :))) may be, there is no wax at all …. also not satisfied.

The delay for the basics – that’s like that. Floral. white; I also paint it.
But again – it is my experience at the moment; and not the ultimate truth 🙂 That is – you can try and search for any that is more suitable.
I cut it in half; It can be a little shorter

I use 10 “sticks”, do crossbar 5×5, glued together at the center.
Then One end of the ropes go round two times “over-under”
Further divide by 2 and sticks again pass “over-under”
then pushes rods one and start braid “rope” two ends of the filament.

So to the desired diameter of the bottom.
After finding form crimped sticks down and continue to weave on.
Watching the evenness of weave constantly pull on the thread and straighten the rods.

The required length ready.

Are coated with PVA glue the top edge – to lock the thread.
Right – already dried glue.
After drying the crop the wires as close to the weaving.

Lip make out how to come up separately and glue on the basis of a point crystal.

Well, that’s all.
The edges of my I still are not satisfied. With them, a lot of trouble and did not look like I would like. You have to think in this direction.
And you have to master different ways of weaving and jewelry.
In general, the ideal is still alleged to spin and weave 🙂
Good luck to all in this exciting business! 🙂