Craft Weaving


Continuation of publication. Weaving knobs for a basket of polypropylene tape. How to weave a basket look here

We have the body of the basket, in this case, used a stronger tape with a width of 15 mm. In connection with what the last 8-m tape four on each side did not weave, because of Polichilos very tough. Just left them on the handle. This does not change anything, just assume that they were weaved later.

Cut another 8-tape (8-m we have on the sides of the basket) total 16-t.

We weave 4 ribbons (2 on each edge) from the inside to any side of the basket

Shrink from the side

Overlap two lower belts (one inside the other outside)

Overlap another tape (next)

Then another from the other side

Turned the other side and wove as well as three steps back

Now we should have a spinning round

The tape is stiff, but it does not give up!

We weave further, adding one strip on each side

View from inside the basket

The photo is not clear, but you can see. We traced four intersections in a straight line from the corner (highlighted in red) and the fifth was fixed with a stapler so that it would not move apart.

Here you can see better

Turned over

Dopplili from the inside so she as well as the outfits the 4th intersection and the 5th fixed

Since in the other side of the basket, there are already 4 ribbons so that they do not interfere with bending them into the nest

We weave the handle into the other side of the basket. The stitched overlap must coincide with the upper overlap on the side of the basket (stapler staples can not be seen, but they are there)) we
weave while the two ribbons and slightly pull up.

We weave the following 2 ribbons. So to say the bottom of the handle, we weaved into the other side!

Now we weave the top of the handle (the fixed overlapping of the stapler must coincide)

Remove the brackets from the stapler and see what happened and whether everything is correct

If everything is correct, start stretching the pen

Pull-pull stretched

We see that we have succeeded. And we first weave the bottom strips to the end

They wove it. And now the remaining ones are weave to the end

From the inside, too, we add those 4 strips that were woven at the very beginning

They wove it. There were 4 strips that were on the other side and the 4 to which lie next to the basket. They twist the pen on the second time. This will give a handle stiffness!

We wove the 4th row of lying strips so that it turned out the 4th which they were from inside the basket and 4 new ones from the outside

Like this

And we twist the knob for the second time, we twist the ribbons from both sides to the end, this will add rigidity not only to the handle but to the sides of the basket

Well, that’s actually the pen!