Craft Decoration Recycled products


This vase I made from waste

It all started with the fact that my mother from the street brought a balloon, which is carried by the wind and washed her feet. Not long thinking, I quickly paste over strips of paper on his wallpaper paste, dry the paste over again so about 6 layers, the last layer of strips of kraft paper, it is denser. Ball launched, let the air out and put it away. His neck vases made from a cardboard sleeve of food foil. As the tube diameter hole cut in the balloon tube is firm, the paper strips on the joints are glued, to thicken the beginning of the paper strips of the neck. Dry sandpaper and honed surface

Net of pineapple decided to decor

pasted grid

Glue gun caused drops of hot glue. Then they all painted with acrylic paint

painted vase in the technique of dry brush the entire surface of the white acrylic paint, she served as a primer, and it has already started to apply different acrylic paints as worked fantasy, my last layer of paint layer of copper profit

Here is a multilayered painting I turned

Here is the VASE