Craft Decoration Flower making


Today we will produce “tree of happiness” from napkins. Such a tree can decorate your home, it can be presented as a gift to their loved ones. You do not need special knowledge or expensive materials to make a souvenir. It’s very simple and accessible. For the manufacture of the wood we need: Round balloon napkins two colors PVA glue threads or stapler needles with beady heads small jars White Ribbon Decorative butterfly for the creation of our tree, we need a ball base, it can be bought in a specialty store. But not everyone has the opportunity, so we will do it with their own hands. To do this, inflate a round balloon. Take PVA glue and napkins. Instead of PVA glue paste can be prepared from the starch or flour. Next, cut or tear, napkins into small pieces and glue smear. We begin to paste our ball. The place where the ball is connected, leave not taped. After the first layer is pasted, give it to dry, and then sticking the next. As a result, we should have five of these layers. Then pierces the balloon with a needle and get it. Always make sure that the glue is well dried, otherwise, the ball is deformed. Now we proceed to the production of roses. To do this, take a napkin and fold it in half twice. Centered sew or are held together by a stapler. Cut out napkins largest possible diameter of a circle. Now we begin forming pitch. For this lift the top layer of napkins and compress it at the base, and then presses it to the next layer until all the layers are not finished. We do roses of two colors. Now we start to stick the buds in the prepared bowl. So paste the entire ball, leaving a little space at the bottom for mounting bowls. For decoration cut off a piece of thin ribbons strung on a needle with beads and attached to our tree. On rosettes anchoring a decorative butterfly. It remains to make a bowl. To do this, take two napkins and a small jar, I took on children’s food. Fold together two napkins and swing the jar. Decorate with a bow. Glue bowl to the bowl base. Our tree is ready.