Craft Flower making



Yellow Cupcake Liners (I happened to have two shades of yellow cupcake liners laying around, but any color will work)
Plastic Drinking Straws
Frog Tape ripped into 10″ pieces (Frog tape is a fairly new product, but you can easily find it in the painting aisle at the hardware store. Runs around $5 a roll, depending on thickness)
Start out by dividing your cupcake liners into two piles: One pile will be the ‘outer flower’, and one will be the ‘inner flower’ (if your daffodils will be two-toned, now is the time to decide).

Take the cupcake liners you will use for the outer flower, fold into thirds, then snip off the rounded edges, forming a mild V-shape in the center. Here, the picture will explain:

scissors to cut a small slit in the center. The end result will look like a six-pointed star with a small hole in the middle.
Now take your ‘inner flower’ cupcake liner and pinch the middle.

pinched inner flower through the slit in outer flower.
Now pinch them together. Secure with the first 1″ inch of a 10″ strip of frog tape. Then proceed to use the other 9″ to adhere the flower to the plastic straw, rolling downward as you go.

That’s it. Keep rolling downward…

Now gently pull the inner flower upward, and the outer flower down. That’s it!

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Have you ever seen a solo daffodil? No. They came by the dozen. Luckily these only take a minute so you can populate a whole field of daffodils!

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