Craft Recycled products


Such lessons are never superfluous, especially because every artist necessarily show something new

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1. So this is the main material that we need: scissors, candle beheaded desired bottle

color and tweezers. I used the green bottle, pale blue, white and transparent. additional

materials that come in handy – the glue and beads. Still come in handy to have gloves to avoid leaving

traces on plastic, but in this case, they must be fire-resistant.

Immediately harvests box for garbage, to cut plastic over her form. This will save you

by picking up sharp transparent bottle pieces all over the table

2. I advise to get rid of drafts to the candle flame does not shy away from side to side every second.
Cut the plastic flower outlines

3. Alternately, keep the petals over a flame at a height of 5-9 cm. It is better to keep higher than overdo it and drop too low. Remember that the tabs are bent toward the flame.

something like this.

5. You can decorate a flower core.
Cut a circle out of a white bottle and cut the fringe

6. Keep the flame

7. It turns out this cores of

8. Glue to flower. I glued “Dragone”, previously degrease the surface.

9. Additional decoration can be, for example, small transparent beads.

To cut the stalk small green stripes.

11. Heat to the flame, simultaneously twisting

12. For leaf decided to take two more small of green and clear plastic.

13. Keep the two strips together over the flame, twisting them and form a leaf.

14. Merge stem, flower, and leaf.

15. Add the other attributes to taste wink.gif

Cutting fringe, changing the shape and length of petals – you can achieve interesting effects. And, you can paint the crafts, which is also interesting