Let’s talk about the shutters. You probably all know that they are divided into vertical and horizontal. Submitted all imagine this picture? When choosing blinds you should be aware that vertical – creating the illusion of high rooms, they seem to add volume, this applies to apartments with low ceilings. Vertical blinds – it’s mostly “home” option. They can not just close the window opening, but also the entire wall unit with a balcony. With regard to the horizontal blinds – horizontal blinds as if pushing the walls, so it is preferable to use in narrow spaces. They are one classic office window decoration. Practical, very inconspicuously go for non-residential premises. And you did not try to make the shutters with his hands? I take a look a great on making blinds of the same is not relevant newspapers. It turns out great! See blinds from the newspapers, it is very easy and fun way to manufacturing.

We need:
Newspapers PVA glue> Acrylic paint brushes (for adhesives and paints) Nylon thread metal or wooden rod (upper base blinds) 2 different color satin ribbons (for decoration)
Getting Started:
Using glue, forming tubules from newspapers as shown in the photo below.

After selecting the desired color acrylic paint, put it on the tube in 2-3 layers, so as not to shine through letters. Obedience painted pipe thread into a unitary structure shutters.
Is passed between the tubes of the finished structure, satin ribbons. We attach our creativity to a metal or wooden rod.
That’s basically it!

f any there is no desire or willpower to make this beauty with his own hands, go here Here you will find yourself exactly ready blinds and will pick up exactly to your interior or office interior.