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How to sew a cross on heart tissue

Many women when they have nothing to do love to sew, this activity is very time to consume, as it certainly is long and laborious. I’ll tell you in this master class as an embroidered cross on the heart tissue, we will create four adjacent the heart, which subsequently will create a four-leaf clover. There are several techniques of embroidery, but all are able to embroider just one. I believe that the master class will not be too difficult, but the effort will have to make, especially if you experience very little.

Embroidery on the heart tissue, we will need:

– Hoop.
– Fabric for embroidery.
– green thread.
– Needle.
– Scissors.

Everything you need you need to prepare at once, the more the material is not so much. Yarn and fabric necessary to take the highest quality.

I had already drawn a diagram on which will embroider on heart tissue. The scheme shows the length of each line (sewing, quilting) and its location in relation to the adjacent line on the fabric.

As we have seen in the diagram center line of one, so that we start with it, on its length will depend on a number I embroidered.

First, make one side of the heart, and then the other. Now take a little higher on the left side and make another stitch.

And so, together with the central making seven lines of thread.

Overturn hoop and threading under all made to create the second half of a heart.

We embroider by analogy with the first half, but in the opposite direction.

When the heart is completed, we will begin to embroider the next following. But we do not start from the middle and the extreme line.

Here is such an intermediate result when we are embroidered with two half of heart made of threads.

That’s such a result is obtained, on the wrong side of the knot do, I think it is not difficult.

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