Craft Decoration Recycled products


I want to show you how to decorate a glass jar of jam – hemp rope and buckwheat. The process is not photographed there and do something nothing. Jar smeared PVA glue and wrapped with rope. for buckwheat space left blank. It then also taped and all covered with gold paint.
I want to tell you that buckwheat, covered with gold – looks superbly) In general, you can not tell what kind of jewel such)
Idea spied her daughter))), for which he received)

And this is – my roses from a sacking. Yet finished composition with them)

That’s wrapped around a conventional hemp rope. Near wrapped in plastic bucket

Here’s a can of jam

Here it is, buckwheat)

Painted here this paint for cars

Next – a vase made of corrugated cardboard.

And it is in daylight. Still, can not get pass the rope shine)