Craft Embroidery Sewing

Mirror work

I’ve created this mirror work out of flower stitch

Divide a 4cm diameter circle into 12.Transfer the 12 points onto the fabric.Draw straight lines connecting 2 opposite points and passing through the center.Draw more lines to form a star.Place the mirror (I’ve used a 1.25cm diameter mirror) in the middle and fix it with 4 straight and 4 diagonal stitches as shown (it is better to first fix the mirror with fabric glue).

These are the points on each petal.

Bring the needle up at the point shown (near A).

Bring the needle under the foundation stitch and pull through.

Bring the needle under the foundation stitch again but don’t pull through the needle yet.
Take a small stitch and bring the needle up at A and wrap the thread under the needle.

Pull through (it is important to use the same tension here, all around the mirror to produce beautiful, rounded center).

Go back into A and come up at B, wrap thread under the needle and pull through.

Enter at point C.

Come up at the point below D.Bring the needle under the foundation stitch.Pull through.

Go back under the foundation stitch.Without pulling through, take a small stitch and come up at D.Wrap the thread in the needle and pull through.

Repeat DE as in AB and enter fabric at C.

Continue in the same manner as the last part of the petal.

This is the stitch, done half-way.

The completed mirror work.