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Make bouquet of flowers with plastic bottles

So how do you make beautiful flowers using pet bottles?

I think it’s too good!

So today I came to share with you my way of making them.

Let’s go step by step?

The material we will need:

  • Transparent pet bottles.
  • Molds.
  • Permanent marker / pen to write on cd.
  • Styrofoam polka dots.
  • Styrofoam glue.
  • Scissors and stylus.
  • Barbecue sticks.
  • Alcohol and cleaning cloth.
  • Acrylic paint.
  • Brushes.
  • Lighter or candle.
  • Soldering Iron.

With the scissors or stylus cut the bottom and the mouthpiece of the bottle. You will only need to use the medium, the smooth part of the bottle.

With the pen to write on permanent marker / cd, move the scratches from the petals to the smooth part of the bottle and trim.

After trimming the petals, use the flame of a lighter or a candle to shape them.

For this, quickly pass all around the petal over the flame.

Pass the scratches from sepals and leaves to the flat part of the bottle and trim.
Clean the trimmed pieces (petals, sepals and leaves) with a cloth moistened with alcohol.
Paint sepals and leaves with green paint and petals of your choice.

For the base of the petals cut the polystyrene balls in half and paint the bottom (the flatter part) of green and the top (the rounder part) of yellow.

Paint the barbecue sticks in green.

Once painted and dry take the Styrofoam ball and with the stylus make a shallow cut on the top.

Fit a curled petal into this cut and do not forget to fix it with glue.

Continue making shallow cuts on the ball to fit the petals all the way around.
Cut, apply paste and snap to petal.

Continue making shallow cuts on the ball to fit the petals all the way around.
Cut, apply paste and snap to petal.

To fit the cable, simply stick the center of the bottom of the ball (where it is painted green), apply glue and insert the stick.

To finish it is just to fit the s├ępala and the leaf in the cable that was glued in the base of the flower, using the holes made before.
Between the sepal and the green background use a little glue to set.


For each flower approximately 6 small petals, 5 medium petals, 6 large petals, 1 barbecue stick (cable), 1 sepal and 1 leaf are required.

I use acrylic paint, but spray paint can also be used and gives a beautiful effect.

I hope they produce many many beautiful flowers to brighten their environments!

To the next!