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Learn how to make flowers with plastic bottles and scraps of fabric

Plastic bottles are one of the recycling materials most used by many manualists, today we can transform these bottles into countless useful objects and decorative ornaments for our home, one of them being flowers, butterflies, earrings, etc. I want you to see how to make a beautiful arrangement of flowers in pots, to start with this craft, it is necessary to recycle many plastic bottles, those of 600 ml will be fine, to decorate these flowers, you will only need scraps of fabric that you have left of Some craftsmanship, and get to work. Follow the tutorial and release beautiful flowers with pet bottles for your home.

Materials you will need to make these beautiful flowers:

  • Recycled bottles (depending on the size of your bottle, you can get bigger or smaller flowers. With a bottle, you can make only one flower.
  • Tijera, CĂșter
  • A patchwork of fabric (use those with beautiful flowers or a pretty print), ribbon.
  • White or transparent glue. Liquid silicone
  • Flower pot
  • Brush
  • Unicel ball (teleport)
  • Muzgo artificial green
  • Indelible down
  • Foam and floret flotage
  • Chicks (wooden sticks)

Learn how to make flowers with plastic bottles and scraps of fabric: Source

1.- Wash your recycled plastic bottles. Once you have your bottles, trim the top of the bottle, cut it leaving the nozzle intact, you will only need this piece of the bottle to make the flowers.

2 .- Now with a down that does not fade (indelible), draw 6 petals of the flower on the plastic bottle, then with good scissors, cut those petals you drew.

3. With the scissors, make the petals appear semi-round, in total there will be 6 petals that you have to cut in the bottle.
Place the bottle caps on the nozzle.

4.- Since you have a nice fabric, measure the size of the petal of your flower, and so trim the fabric you are going to use. Glue the scraps of fabric with a little transparent glue. Use a brush to put the glue on the edges of the fabric, the scrap of fabric will be glued behind the beak of the bottle, check this image.

5.- The center of the flower, will be the mouthpiece of the bottle, therefore, the way to decorate it will be very easy.
Use a tiny Unicel – telgopor ball, cut it in half using a cutter, and thread it with a ribbon or cloth, use liquid silicone, just put a little bit on the edges, if you use a lot of glue, it will wet the fabric and look ugly.

6. Your flower will look so beautiful with petals decorated with scraps of fabric, now you need to glue the center of the flower, which is the single-celled ball that you forecast in the previous step.

7.- Use a skewer and stick on the flowers, then you can glue leaves, make them with the same recycled bottle that you have.
Line the skewer with green floral tape.
Use a pot of clay or plastic, place inside the one piece of foam, then introduce the skewers with your flowers.
The pot you can decorate with ribbon and with mango.