Craft Decoration


To work required:

– base: transparent glass vase;

– pictures, printed on a material Fridekor for light and dark surfaces;

– PVA glue;

– acrylic paints;

– glossy acrylic lacquer;

– contour on glass and ceramics (metallic silver);

– brush, a sponge, scissors, ruler, pencil.

1. As usual to prepare the surface decoration: my and degreased with alcohol or acetone. Coated with one layer of PVA glue to further improve the adhesion of acrylic paint to the glass surface.

2. When the glue is dry, with a sponge cover the entire outer surface of the vase below ground acrylic light color in several layers (giving each layer to dry) that had no gaps.

Then, as usual, by immersion in water availability in the desired location basis and shift the backing paper transfer the image printed on a material for light Fridekor surfaces (the pattern is viewed through a general light background vase). First, we have a series of ornaments on the neck and on the bottom of the vase.

4. For further work with their images cover the protective layer of acrylic lacquer.

Next, create the basic background of the vase, covering with a sponge (+ adjust with a brush in places of transition in the pattern) with several layers of acrylic paint in red.

6. When the pattern is dry, move pictures Chinese beauties Fridekor printed on a material for dark surfaces (not dyed dark background show through vases drawing) is immersed in water for 30 seconds, have a surface in order, move the substrate smoothes .

7. Next, using circuit color “metallic silver” painted decorative complement for the neck and bottom vases, the edges of images beautiful women also slightly draw the line pattern vases 2 creating area.

8. At the top of the background image will be placed small (twigs, stones, leaves) in the style of Chinese painting. Printed on the material for the wearing surfaces make rectangular images figured using the created template. Transfer them to the surface of the vase in the usual way, we make out the edge of a silver outline

9. The lower part of the background image where are beautiful women with a silver loop fill flower painting in Chinese style.

10. At the end of cover the whole surface of the vase decorated with several layers of glossy acrylic varnish

11. So get Chinese antique vase that can decorate the interior of the fan of Chinese art.