Craft Decoration Flower making


Flowers can be used as decoration, to decorate pins, flowers fabrication

To work you will need:

* watercolor paper
* ruler
* pencil
* Scissors
* food coloring
* tweezers
* cup paint
* paintbrush
* PVA glue

1. start with the manufacture of flowers Scribe sheet to the desired size squares. For flower which I show needed squares with sides 9cm., 8 cm., 7 cm., 6cm. 5cm. 4.5 (2 pcs.) Cm. and 3.5 cm., then these cut squares.

2. The squares should be folded, as shown in the photo, and then cut out the shape of a petal. Should get flower pattern. In total, during the preparation, you get 8 of these blanks.

3. Then our must be painted. I love to paint food dyes, stains tree (in this painting, enough to pour the paint into a jar and dipped the workpiece in a container of dye, using forceps), and, of course, acrylic or watercolor paints when it is necessary to make different shades. If you want to make the texture of the petals, you can try to draw the veins with an empty ballpoint pen paste, for example, whether to use a stick with a ball on the end (stick-holder it is a mini-flag).

4. The most interesting begin at this stage. The petals should be slightly moist after painting can be wet with a damp cloth and get to work. Each petal of our preparations necessary to crush, as seen in the photo. It should be done carefully so as not to tear the paper, watercolor paper although in comparison with other, quite strong. Holding the tab, wind it on a brush and fingers of the right hand to squeeze the tab along the entire length. In the picture, I have tried to show in which direction to turn the petals.

5. When you’re done, just pick a flower on a PVA glue. to the fortress, you can cover the entire flower PVA solution with water, and then the next day it will be very hard and strong.