Filigree Butterfly

I continue to do the work in the technique of filigree twine, but yarn.    Long thought how can I add color, decided to start with the finished yarn, I want to try with Easter paint and water stains.

But as long as that’s what happened!

Here it is beautiful! already in place! Maybe the color is not quite right, but the technique is one, and there will be many butterflies may still outweigh by …

Here it is in your hand!)))
If anyone is interested, it’ll show you how I did it.

So, what we need to create it:
Adhesive Titanium
nail scissors
twine normal and bleached
yarn color you want
the file or folder is transparent

Here is our template – butterfly top.

I must say with the yarn I did not like to work … it is too soft and poorly holds its shape, had her constantly wet glue. I will try something else.

First, antennae, and then twisted circle.

Here the body is ready.

Then do the butterfly circuit.

We do little and put in the tips of the wings, and then lay out the yarn segments on the bottom edge of the wings.

Then lay out the pattern of the lower wings. Along the edges of the droplets and the bottom two whorls.

And in the center filled with a drop of bleached twine.

Here’s what happened! The lower wings ready!

Go to the top.
first, fill arcs recess and into the center of a small circle.

Then pass along the contour of a single string, closing the recess. Then a short, leaving the area, which then closes the small circle.

That’s how it was.

or you may like this.

It turned out this way.

And fills the wing pattern. Droplets and circles.

On a large circle on top put a little dark and on the edge of the contour of bleached twine.

And now it is ready!

Separated from the file …

PVA glue … of course it is not necessary to do in the newspaper and on the file)))

And here it is already in place!