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Creating a key holder with CD

In this way, we try to help you learn where you can make a key holder. In fact, we’re going to waste a few CDs and a few hooks make a key holder. How and how to build such a craft is easy and will conclude in the shortest possible time.

The construction of the key holder ”

the equipment needed to prepare:
Three unused CD
Hooks in the shape of a question mark
Children play dough

are three CDs as images put together. And the line clamp to connect to screw up

In this section, along with the dough hooks child’s play to decorate as pictured below. Namely in the form of a flower in pairs.

In this section based on your taste stems to create a spiral

In this section, you can gouache color or other colors to paint CDs. The flowers and stems as well as color

Finally, your key holder is completed and you can replace your keys on it.
Note: when the crafts are made for us in terms of picture and send it to other users view it. Tell us to teach our support site for you