Craft Flower making

Creating flowers with Pistashell

we have tried to create flowers with Pistachio fun way to learn. In fact, you little changed at Pistachio can create a very beautiful flower and beautiful view creates in your room. How and how to make crafts flowers with Pistachio is very simple and will reach the desired result in the shortest possible time.

Construction of flowers with Pistachio“The requirements to prepare:

  • The necessary amount Pistachio
    Gouache paints and paintbrush


This section of a paper cut in the shape of a circle and a vertical incision in it

You can not do this because it has been done for more beauty.

In this section, the help of glue around the circular paper pistachio paste to the skin

After a full round before another layer inside the first ring is to do well

In this part of the paper is passed through a wire and into the lift

In this section, we provide some cotton or polystyrene and the wire is passed from below upwards Put paper

In this section, the center of the flower or on polystyrene or cotton dipped in the color black

and then using gouache paint and brush your skin stained yellow pistachios

the construction of a large number of flowers can make a beautiful bouquet and finally have been able to simply create a goal with Pistachio. I hope you enjoyed