Craft Decoration Flower making

Create a nice flower with crepe paper

Paper flowers, there are many ways to make flowers, we can make them in felt, bond paper in foam and clear in crepe paper because of the corrugated paper our flower can become a very beautiful and almost real as we will see today is a True flower arrangement with flowerpot included, and to make our paper flowers what we will need as …

Materials are: scissors, glue, red and yellow crepe paper , flora tape to make leaves, unicel (tecnopor ), green felt ( To cover what will be our pot), wire for the assembly of flowers and leaves.

.- In our pot place the Styrofoam ( styrofoam ) cut because there will bind the flowers, then cut a circle of green felt with gourds which all unicel .

2.-Cut long strips of crepe paper and cut it by making many eyelashes and roll on the wire by sticking with silicon this will be the flower button .

3.-Now cut another strip of paper in red color and so roll around the yellow button
of the flower, go sticking little by little

That ‘s how your paper flower should look

for the sake of the sheet just as sticking on the wire which will be lined floratape and so as already learned to make paper flowers 🙂