Craft Decoration Sewing


I like all kinds of decor divan pillows. A lot of them – cushions can decorate quite a variety of ways – to make a painting with acrylic paints and contours, sew or glue appliqué fabric, sew fabric bulk decor, decorating embroidery cross. embroidery, ribbons. Or we could have done such an unusual decor, as I spied here. Ever wondered how to do this embroidery on cushions?

In order to make such a decorative pillowcase on the pillow, you will need h.b fabric, thick thread (acrylic yarn), large needle, chalk, or remnant, hoop.

Fabric cut from the pillowcase size 45×45 cm. Now we have to pre-mark embroidery pattern. The inner diameter of the embroidery – 10 cm, external – 35 cm. To label can use a shallow remnant or, if neither one nor the other – take a pencil.

Tighten the pillowcase on the hoop and start the embroidery nodular manner. This is done so – you stretch the thread on the front of the pillow cases. and then tie a double knot. After that stretch the thread on the wrong side.

Embroider nodules of the inner ring, thickness 4 cm, then slows the number of nodules.

In this way, you get a decorative embroidery on the pillow.

This technique Embroidery well with natural materials. If your interior decorated in eco-style, the pillow with the embroidered harmoniously fit into it.