Craft Weaving


1. Welcome residents SEE !!! I was looking at us on weaving strips of 4 but did not find …! I thought, and decided: the disorder and the idea were born to create !!! So let’s go!

For work, we need glue the clothespin and of course the bezel (1-1,5sm) and tape (0,6sm). Tapes on one ring take an average of 3 meters! Accordingly, we need 0,75sm of each color!

The first thing to do is to glue on both sides of the small pieces of tape.

Tape located at the back crosswise. Glue. The role of glue in my case, the clothespin, but in the future work of the irreplaceable assistant !!!))) The photo shows the tapes that will be in the center of the picture !!!

These two will always be on the side. You can first do not glue the tape to try different options, but only then reliably all commit.

Ready? Then we take the red tape and shift to the left arm.

Brown top in the right hand.

Like this. Happened?!

Now .lentu plant outside rim of the left arm.

Orange.lentu top. Now all 4 tape in your left hand!

, many have not beguiled, but this is only the beginning! In fact, it is not difficult !!! You will !!! Under the red ribbon picks beige.

Here she was in the right hand!

Red Ribbon Factory ago …

… under the brown ribbon

You again in each arm received two tapes!

From now until the end of all the actions are repeated from the beginning! And about the clothespins to the tape is not a sprawling needed every 5-7cm well pull tape and clothespin!

Then try it yourself !!!

Once again, all together!