Craft Recycled products


We need bottles and wire.

Cut leaves. It is better to first make a template out of cardboard and then cut around the marker on the bottle. I cut out a leaf three different sizes. On sheets of paper scratched veins, leaf looks so natural.

candle over the edge of leaves and stems turned flagellum.

This leaf closer.

Cut flowers of the blue bottle. From yellow bottles colors core. Middle, notched a pair of scissors, but you can make just circles.

Edge colors processed over a candle to shape.

We begin to collect the flower. Fold the wire on the end, then dress core flower and green circles 2-3.

The core over a candle and bend toward the center to hide the wires.

Then will put a flower and green circles. Circles melt and quickly press to flower. Circles need to flower does not slide down the wire.

Putting flowers in a bunch ready.

Ready bunch. All flowers are twisted together.

Dress on the wire first small leaf, then more, then the largest.

View from above.

Side view.

Cooking pot. I cut off the bottom of the bottle, the top iron the iron through a newspaper. So it turns out the pot edge neat, rounded. The paints.

The pot poured plaster on top of pebbles. You can sprinkle with stones instead of scraps of bottles.

In the center put in a bunch. Gypsum froze and my violet ready!

Violets are different, and I have now received such!

A is a top view.
Thanks to all who looked up to me!