Craft Decoration

Vase made of newspaper tube

Here is a vase of tubes for artificial flowers. You can put and live

We need the following materials: brochures or 36 sheets of format and 4, PVA glue, glue gun, glass bottle, paint from a container, a pair of elastic bands for money safety.Obratite attention as is needed. spoke on this.Trubochki .S obtained thick and 0.7 cm in diameter.

We put on the glass bottle and insert gum for them.Plotnenko.u took me 34.


Ducts we arrange a little at the top, get a form where.Tam tube tightly adjacent to each other at the bottom of fatty smear PVA. For bonding. next step needs to be done at the top of the edging newspaper tube, preferably at the glue gun. I acted differently.

Tore in two single-layer napkins, Vodicka drenched and ride balls.Chut more than 36 tubes, just in case.

Clay gun

And interconnected.

Cut the bottom out of cardboard and glued

I close the bottom spot gluing newspaper tube.

After .Very I do not like, it is better straw black, red and gold paint.

With flowers)

Not Chinese porcelain, but … my native obscene and generally. inside to pick up a jar with some water, and you can put fresh flowers)

This is not a budget option. vases and urgently. transformer.Sm will look great painted tubes that are left of weaving.