Craft Decoration


Hello, dear people introduce a new work from completely unfamiliar materials (I’ll fan of paper in all its forms, and here Twine …). ┬ádesigned for beginners level “tea.” It is easy to replicate in children’s groups and the materials are very penny.

When did the vase lay near the phone and decided to take a picture of the main stages (everything to trace the moment when something went wrong, if necessary)?

1. sticks for barbecue – 24 pcs.

2. skein of twine (part painted in Domestos and the other in Vanish).

3. The cover of the banks – 1 PC.

4 cup sour cream (needed in the process)

5. Glue (Titanium perfect, but I had a PVA-M, hotmelt, and super-glue)

6. scissors, stationery knife.

7. awl (mine is pushpin).

8. Cardboard

9. pen + ruler for marking.

10. The coffee beans for decoration.

Let’s start. The bottom of the vase, I decided to make the diameter of a cover from the banks. But it turned out that the cover is difficult to make a layout, so I cut a circle of cardboard the same diameter (such circles took two). Already on the cardboard made markings. First portion 4, then 8 and then every sector is divided into three equal parts.

In a glass of sour cream carved rim and made it to 24 holes.

Connect (simply put, and kept his hand) cardboard cover and began to pierce through and immediately insert the skewers.

He slipped into the holes on the upper rim of the blunt ends of the skewers.

the frame is ready.

It was then that I noticed that the cardboard strongly “led” and temporarily added strength …

I start winding the string. Inflicted some glue in the center and fixed thread.

Caused the glue to the cardboard base and skewers to stick thread.

Start winding

On skewers Apply glue to strength.

So it is wound up to the top.

From the glass, I have decided to leave only a tight circle. Removed the cardboard rim, carefully put all the plastic and fixed with adhesive.

The sticks were of different lengths. In those empty seats, I glued small pieces of cardboard and all wrapped with twine.

To hide the plastic (Well, I did IVF-vase, and then plastic), I wove a braid and glue it to the transition between the outer rim and twine.

In just pasted into 5 rows of thread and fluff PVA.

The bottom of the vase I made very simple – twisted spiral in a circle of cardboard (the second largest cap on banks) and missed the glue.

Here is my mistake !!! I start gluing and all have left to one side. I had to fix it. (I wanted to remove the lid and leave only the cardboard as a floor, but did not dare to leave and have been).

All glued to the bottom of the cover (void filled cardboard). Samu pigtail cap covered in 3 rows.

And that’s what happened.

It remains the most interesting. Twenty-four hours I could not eat or sleep. All I am thinking how to decorate a vase, but the inspiration came to me as a Mendeleev. In the dream, I saw her …

I woke up and ran to paint all the splits that found on the farm – Vanish for white fabrics and Domestos (white). Vanish bad coped with the task, only slightly changed the tone of twine (similar to rosewood), but works wonders for 10 minutes. whitened thread until very light.

plaited pigtail (length 1 m) and began to wrap the vase

Between the scythes taped coffee beans … and that’s what happened.

For the first experience, I am very, very pleased with (all the flaws of course I see, but I will fix them in the next creation).

Vasu would be nice to fill with something, and then I remembered about Quilling and different colors of coffee.

From the remnants of a bow made pigtails.

Thank you all for your attention. Good luck in all your endeavors !!!